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Dyslexia Information Day Exhibitor


Contact: Lisa - +44 (0) 7739 404 352

Special-T-Assessments: Lisa Powell, can usually be found at DiD events, meeting and greeting visitors, her support for DiD is amazing and she is always on hand to have a chat to visitors who want to discuss Dyslexia Assessments.

Lisa is a a fully qualified Dyslexia Assessor and Specialist teacher.

We highly recommend Lisa as an assessor and find that being dyslexic she has a unique empathy, understanding and edge to being an assessor!
Lisa has been involved with Dyslexia information Day as a volunteer, since it started in 2008.

Special T Assessments is Sponsor of The Dyslexia Awards Dyslexia information Day Award!

Lisa is a long standing Dyslexia information Day volunteer and always available for questions about assessments.



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