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Come and find out about the services and provisions available locally

Each dyslexia information day is slightly different, why not pop and see what we have on offer for you, your family, your employees! There is always refreshments on sale and cake!

Showcase your business

We are always on the look out for dyslexic owned or run businesses, especially those that offer great resources for us dyslexics, or those who are dyslexic and inspirational!

Although exhibitors are by invite only, we are always happy to receive suggestions of businesses or services on offer that we don’t know about. We also pride ourselves on offering businesses the opportunities to engage with people who are interested in finding out about dyslexia services and products, so if you have a product and/or service that is of use to us dyslexics, our families or our employers please get in touch!

You may be able to display information about your services, products or business, contact us to find out more

Dyslexia Information Day Testimonials

  • Mandy Ward

    Learning about Dyslexia for my stories & books

    I was referred to Eli by David Hyner, a mutual friend and advocate of Eli. I was writing a book about a character called 'Kitty' who is great at casting spells but who cannot spell well. I met Eli and have been on a path of learning ever since. Not only did Eli help me with my book, she also helped me to learn about Dyslexia, invited me to the Dyslexia Awareness day and encouraged me. I also got to meet other 'Guru's' who have taught me about other things, Aspergers, Dyspraxia, and how to make numbers fun. A very positive and encouraging person and set if co-exhibitors. I have no hesitation in recommending Eli, this fabulous event and all of those who also support. A lovely, welcoming, supportive environment - all for free!Author & Positive Impact Coach, Cassy
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