Spectrumly Speaking interview: When Autism and Dyslexia Co-Occur… (Episode 22)

Episode 22 - When Autism and Dyslexia co-occour
Spectrumly Speaking Episode 22 - When Autism and Dyslexia co-occour

I was delighted to have been invited to a Skype audio interviewed with co-hosts Becca Lory and Katherine Cody for the DifferentBrains.org  Spectrumly Speaking production; audio interviews covering lots of interesting topics, this one was about dyslexia and autism co-occurring (existing together). I was really nervous as i had never spoken to Becca or Kate before, but they and the Different Brains team are ace and soon put me at ease and made me feel comfortable (as you can tell by how much I talk!).

I really hope this helps inspire anyone who listens to this Episode and that you go on to listen to more Episodes, Different Brains are amazing and have lots of audio and video interviews with some amazing people!

Huge thanks to all the Different Brains team and especially Dr Harold Reitman (founder) who is an inspiration and a true advocate!

Click this link to hear the interview: When Autism and Dyslexia Co-Occour, with Elizabeth Wilkinson…Spectrumly Speaking Ep. 22

Links to some of the things mentioned in the interview: 

Lindy Smiths Cakes  https://lindyscakes.co.uk/

Dyslexia information Day http://www.theddc.org.uk/DiD/

Dyslexia Awards (for Shropshire) http://www.theddc.org.uk/dyslexiaawards/ 

Different Brains http://differentbrains.org

Autonomy Shropshire http://www.shropshireautonomy.co.uk/

Links to Spectrumly Speaking Co-Hosts:

Becca Lory http://beccalory.com/   https://www.linkedin.com/in/beccalorycas

Katherine Cody https://www.linkedin.com/in/katherine-cody-2a594a90


By Elizabeth Wilkinson

Since entering the field of dyslexia back in 2000, Elizabeth Wilkinson – aka The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant – has provided support for over 2200 people, including businesses, families, and educators.