In 2023 The DDC had a brand new logo designed by Branding by G!

The new 5 colour logo represent the five branches of The DDC; the swirls, part homage to the old logo represent the paths of discovery clients travel; they all merge to create a star, representing Dyslexics!; the inner circle represents specialist focus and attention to detail and individuality.

As well as, dyslexia: audits and bespoke training for businesses, companies, organisations, in both corporate & education

Elizabeth is a Specialist in dyslexia: teaching, coaching and strategy training for Individuals

She also offers Specialist dyslexia consultation appointments for businesses and organisations

Elizabeth is also an inspirational, passionate and empowering Key Note Speaker!

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Gold Level Training

Full Day (up to 6 hrs) £1560.00

The Best Level Training

What's included:
What's included:
  • Dyslexia Basics
  • What Dyslexia is & isn't
  • Some added Extras that Really Help!
  • Introduction to Dyspraxia
  • Introduction to Dyscalculia
  • Dyslexia Basics
  • What Dyslexia is & isn't

Silver Level Training

Morning / Afternoon / Evening £960.00 (up to 3hrs)

Really Great Training

This includes:
What this includes:
  • Dyslexia Basics
  • What Dyslexia is & isn't
  • Some added Extras that can Really Help!

Bronze Level Training

Morning or Afternoon £750 (2hrs)

A solid Start

What's Included:
What's included:
  • Dyslexia Basics
  • What Dyslexia is & isn't

About The DDC

Since entering the field of dyslexia over 25 years ago, Elizabeth Wilkinson – aka The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant – has provided support for over 2200 people, including businesses, families, and educators. Elizabeth began her journey in 1999 by working one-to-one with school aged children, she soon realised that adults (like her) needed the same specialist support and teaching, and that the quickest way to break the cycle and effect change was to educate, empower and raise dyslexia awareness in her fellow adult dyslexics, so that is what she has been doing ever since.


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