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Dyslexia Training Elizabeth Wilkinson
Dyslexia Training Elizabeth Wilkinson

Staff Training with Knowledge & Experience

Elizabeth uses a selection of innovative simulation activities specially created by The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant, in order to give delegates a personal insight into the areas of difficulty for her and her fellow dyslexics; this helps to increase the understanding that dyslexia is about so much more than reading, writing and spelling, and since 2007 delegates have all agreed that this has been the best way to give them a real understanding of what dyslexia means to individuals – by evoking empathy rather than sympathy!

Feedback from thousands of delegates who have completed her training sessions show that the training Elizabeth delivers is positive, proactive, productive and outstanding; with delegates leaving sessions with a clear picture of what dyslexia is / isn’t and with increased levels of empathy for their trainees, students and clients, resulting in them feeling empowered and ready to carry out their roles more effectively and efficiently!

“…the whole team really enjoyed the training session, we all got so much out of it, the staff were still talking about it the next day…”  YMCA Wellington

“Every watch manager should do this training course … in fact every employee should do it … its interesting, amusing and really enjoyable! – thanks Eli – Thanks a lot!” Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service Watch Manager

Developing Skills

Elizabeth is confident that all delegates possess useful skills and ideas, and understands that sometimes the slog of day-to-day work can leave employees wondering ‘How Can’ they help? ‘What Can’ they do?, training Elizabeth always seems to have such a positive impact on delegates, reminding them, re-educating them, building on and increasing knowledge, offering new inform, alternative view points and ways of seeing things – delegates will be empowered by an infusion of new ideas, knowledge and passion, and they will leave each session glad they had addended and ready to apply all they have learned in their workplace.  


Useful Techniques

By developing her own unique, individual and small group activities, Elizabeth endeavours to ensure that all her delegates gain an understanding that will equip them well with their work. Delegates are also provided with a good cross section of informative and practical handouts to take a way and use for reference in future.

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