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Now open for nominations from the West Midlands Region


The SENCO Award is now open for nominations from the whole of the United Kingdom until 23:45hrs on Friday 30th October 2020!


The fifth annual Dyslexia Awards open for nominations on the 21st September 2020 – and, due to popular demand, this year will see the Dyslexia Awards nominations open to nominations for people who have been born in, live in or work in the West Midlands Region of the UK, and in 2021 this will be extended to the whole of the UK.

Dyslexia Awards celebrates, highlights and promotes the so often overlooked positives of dyslexia, and dyslexics!

Dyslexia Awards was founded by Elizabeth Wilkinson in 2015, Elizabeth is dyslexic herself, and dreamed starting a dyslexia awards for over a decade; working tirelessly since 2000 promoting and championing her fellow dyslexics, then in 2007 she started a business called ‘The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant’  and then in 2008 she started the original Dyslexia information Day (DiD). Always determined to counter balance negative publicity and shame, that is so often associated when receiving a dyslexia diagnosis, Elizabeth decided in 2015 that it was time to start the Dyslexia Awards! She continues to raise public awareness of dyslexia and to is always encouraging others to celebrate, own, be proud of and promote their own strengths, attributes and skills!

Very aware that all to often dyslexics have skills and strengths that are overlooked in mainstream education and the work place; the Dyslexia Awards are an ideal opportunity to promote and celebrate the so often overlooked skills sets and strengths, that we dyslexics possess, and to create a positive spotlight, a celebration and something to be proud of – these Dyslexia Awards are a positive, fun and enjoyable way to effect positive and permeant change!

Elizabeth says “…the Dyslexia Awards are proof that, my fellow dyslexics are amazing, talented, super innovative, entrepreneurs and individuals – they just need to understand that they have skills and then not even the sky is the limit!

With the continued support of amazing businesses, individuals and organisations, the Dyslexia Awards continues to flourish with spectacular positivity and proactive attitude that inspires everyone involved, from nominees to judges & sponsors – thank you to you all!

Visit the ‘Categories’ page to find out which awards are open for nominations this year!

Anyone can nominate? and they can nominate individuals, family members, work colleagues, bosses, teachers, neighbours, friends etc, so who will you be nominating for this years Dyslexia Awards?

To find out how you can support the awards from displaying a poster to being a sponsor please get in contact with us:

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