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2018 Certificate of Recognition


About Dyslexia Awards

Founded in 2015 by Elizabeth Wilkinson (Dyslexic & Autistic) with the aim of raising dyslexia awareness and the positive aspects of dyslexia!

Winners of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Dyslexia Awards categories, were all announced at the annual Celebration & Awards evening, held at Enginuity Museum, Coalbrookdale in November each year.

2020 sees some changes for Dyslexia Awards: on the positive, the awards are now open to nominations from the West Midlands Region of the UK and are no longer just for Shropshire, and 2021 sees them opening up even further by being extended to the whole of UK.

Sadly there will be no physical Celebration & Awards for 2020  (and possibly 2021) – due to the current Corona Virus situation. But in true Dyslexia Awards style, we decided to be positive and adapt – so the 2020 awards are open for nominations and will honour, celebrate, and offer a platform and opportunity to highlight and celebrate the amazing people in our region!
So, check out the nine categories and get nominating… show someone you care and appreciate what they do!

Elizabeth Wilkinson, Dyslexia Awards founder says: “All too often the focus of dyslexia is negative, focusing on what dyslexics ‘can’t do’ or the things dyslexics ‘struggle’ with… Well I created the Dyslexia Awards so that we can turn that on its head by focusing on strengths, positives and achievements…”

Nominations for the 2020 Dyslexia Awards run form the 21st September – 23rd October 2020! with the SENCO award being extended to 30th October 2020

Elizabeth says: “We dyslexics have a lot to offer the world and the Dyslexia Awards aims to highlight and celebrate these strengths and positives, as well as create positive role models!”

The Categories

There are 9 awards open for nominations.

In 2020 our aim is to showcase the diverse skills of West Midlands dyslexics by having a diverse selection of awards.

The Education & Employer awards aim to celebrate those educators and employers who: ‘get’ dyslexia, who understand and work tirelessly to encourage , inspire and empower their dyslexic students and employees to achieve and reach their full potential

Dyslexia Awards Sponsors

2020 sees the fifth Dyslexia Awards open for nominations – although there will be no physical celebration there will be a 2020 Dyslexia Awards Film this year, which we hope will mean even more people can get involved with helping us celebrating and championing amazing people – and only possible thanks to the generosity of our Sponsors, supporters and friends – HUGE THANKS to ALL of you for your support it means so much!

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