The Dyslexia Awards are now a Bi-Annual event, which means the next awards will be in 2025! With that in mind, we though it was a good idea to create a notifications list – so add your name and email to the form below and Elizabeth or Rosy will be contact as soon as the next Dyslexia Awards descriptions and forms are uploaded, we will also plan to notify you when the next awards are open for nominations too!

Our aim is to offer a platform to showcase the diverse skills and talents of dyslexics in the United Kingdom and the Channel Islands, by having a diverse selection of awards, the Dyslexia Awards are a not for profit event, and is now a biannual awards, with nominations for the next awards opening in 2025 – we aim to make the year between awards a year of celebration and urge all our pas nominees, finalists and winners to shout load and proud about their work, the dyslexia awards. So please keep checking back to the site or fill in the Interest List form, as we will upload the award categories for you late 2024, before the 2025 nominations open, in order to give everyone a chance to have a read, think about who you want to nominate, time to perfect what you want to tell the judges about the, time to gather the information, testimonials and to rally support form others and encourage them to nominate too!

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