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The Dyslexia Awards

All too often the focus of dyslexia is negative, focusing on what dyslexics ‘can’t do’ or the things dyslexics ‘struggle’ with… so I decided to create the Dyslexia Awards with the intention of turning that negativity on its head, by focusing on dyselxic strengths, positives and achievements…

Elizabeth Wilkinson
Dyslexia Awards Founder
Elizabeth Wilkinson 2019

The Categories

There are 9 awards open for nominations.

In 2022 our aim is to showcase the diverse skills of dyslexics in the United Kingdom, by having a diverse selection of awards.

The Education & Employer awards aim to celebrate those educators and employers who: ‘get’ dyslexia, who understand and work tirelessly to encourage , inspire and empower their dyslexic students and employees to achieve and reach their full potential.

Our Judges

Our Team

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Our Sponsors

2022 sees the sixth Dyslexia Awards open for nominations – and for the first time this will be open to the whole of the United Kingdom!

It is only with the generosity of our sponsors and founder that we are able to make these awards happen, so we really hope you will join us either online or in person, where we will be celebrating and championing amazing people – HUGE THANKS to ALL of our Sponsors, supporters and friends, for their support!

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