3 of 7: Eli’s favourite inspirational dyslexics Q&A’s for 2014 Dyslexia Awareness Week

Thank you for visiting my blog, today i would like to introduce you to another favourite dyslexic of mine, the lovely Rosie …


Name: Rosie Beswick

Age (optional): 56

Business name: Rosie Consulting

A brief description of what you/your business do/does: Business Consultancy and Market Research

Area you live/your business is based: SHREWSBURY

When did you find out you were dyslexic? Put a name to my ‘problem’ in 2011

How did you feel when you found out you were dyslexic?

Angry as I realised all my life people had either ignored (parents and some teachers) or put me down as lazy or stupid. I just thought I had an inability to take stuff in despite having an IQ of 150

What difference has it made, if any, to your life /business since you found out you are dyslexic?

I stopped feeling guilty, so core confidence improved, but still would like to improve my memory etc. I want to read books and actually enjoy or finish. Lot of catching up to do.

What advice would you offer to other dyslexics?

Think something wrong? Don’t accept being dismissed but go and find out. No child coming through now, should be missed!

What do you do to relax/hobbies?

Walk, listen to audio books, listen to music, spend time in countryside

Anything you want to add?

Don’t blame yourself, but do not use it as a hide behind. You need to admit you have it and work hard to find ways to get around or get help. I have found many ways to work around but if I had known earlier I would have been reading books now. I am told too old to relearn but not so sure! Computers are the best tool ever. Before modern computers my life was 100% harder, right when I was building my career.

Your website & business contact details:

01743 8849972


Eli’s Note:

Rosie is also part of a group of fabulous ladies (Rosie, Kelly & Leigh)  who set up run a ladies networking group, called Network With Style, based in Shrewsbury in Shropshire. over teh last 8 years they ahve inspired and supported countless local busienss women, and raise money for a charity called Headway at christmas their events each year.  – we thank you x

By Elizabeth Wilkinson

Since entering the field of dyslexia back in 2000, The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant - Elizabeth Wilkinson MBE, has worked with and provided support for thousands of people, including businesses, families, and educators.