Every Day Hero’s

Every Day Hero’s – Because they are ready to be Hero’s every day!

If you don’t already know: consider myself really lucky to do the work I do, to meet the wonderful people I meet, as I get to work with truly amazing people!

One of my clients, as some of you already know is Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS), I am proud to work with them and appreciate how very important the work they do, is!

I have had the privilege of working with many SFRS individuals over the last several years and trained lots of their staff too.

Sometimes when working with individuals, an alerter may go off, or a call may come through, and every now and then just as I arrive at a station for an appointment, I get to see a fire engine loaded up with our local every day hero’s (including the person my appointment is with) drive off the forecourt and off to answer a call.

Wellington fire station - trucks out Today the latter happened, just as I arrived at Wellington fire station, got out of the car and realised that lots of wholetime fire fighters were just jumping into their fire Engine.

That was swiftly followed by a host of retained firefighters arrive in their cars, jump into their gear, straight into the second fire engine all ready for service.

Every Day Hero’s It struck me this morning that no matter how many time I see this process happen, I am always left with an overwhelming mix of feelings; a peaceful sense of calm watching these amazing every day hero’s jump to action – a sickness in my stomach at the thought that a family or individual is in need, followed by a hope that they will be ok, and then an overwhelming flooding of gratitude at how lucky we are to have SFRS personnel (behind the scenes staff as well as the firefighters) on hand and ready to help us when we need them!

On the odd occasion that I have watched the fire crews disappear just as I’ve arrived, I sit and wait. Sometimes, they return within 20 minutes; sometimes it’s a wait and see situation and other times it’s a seriously serious call and I need to reschedule.

No matter the situation, the having to wait or reschedule it doesn’t matter, what matters is that our every day hero’s are there to help us at a moments notice.

I sincerely hope I never need to call or use SFRS, but I am exceptionally grateful that SFRS would be on hand to help if I ever did!

Every Day Hero – I use this term to describe them as they are ready to jump to action every day, so to me they are every day hero’s!

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