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International Women’s Day 2017 blog

Did you know that today, March 8th is international Women’s Day?

The hastags for social media are #BeBoldForChange and #IWD2017 and in the theme of celebrating women and their achievements I wanted to introduce you to some inspirational dyslexic ladies; I hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me!

First is Lindy Smith; Lindy is an author, teacher and expert cake designer; she is also a talented business woman and inspiration to those who meet her! (can you tell I am a fan!) Lindy’s business is Lindy’s Cakes Ltd. I first met Lindy at a Network with Style meeting a few years ago. She always greets you with a lovely smile and has an air of spring about her, like there is always something good in the air or about to be.

Her cake designs are inspirational, so much so she won the 2016 Dyslexia Awards, Amazing Art Award, sponsored by Nicola Rust – In The Shed stationary boutique.  please take a moment to check out Lindys Cakes Ltd and you will see exactly why she was chosen for such an award!

The second lady I would like to introduce you to is the amazing Penny Topsom, author of Multiplication Rules!  Penny lives in London and I met her at the Education Show at the NEC in Birmingham several years ago! I picked up her book with much scepticism, thinking  – here we go, another times tables help book! I was pleasantly surprised when i saw it was in colour, well laid out and it made sense; that coupled with Penny’s blatant and wonderful passion for empowering and raising awareness of alternative, fun and easy ways to learn, not just times tables but mathematics too, was blindingly obvious, and so I ‘had’ to invite her to exhibit at our next Dyslexia information Day, I am glad to say Penny Travels up from London to exhibit every year!

The third lady I would like to introduce to you is the wonderful Nicola Rust, aka In The Shed. Nicola is currently on maternity leave having given birth to a beautiful little girl (very fitting for International Women’s Day). Nicola’s designer eye, passion, flair and creativity is wonderful and inspiring too! She is, as mentioned above the sponsor of the Dyslexia Awards Amazing Art Award, and knows a thing or two about art, design and creativity, she was completely bowled over by the high calibre of the amazing art awards entrants. Nicola also supports Dyslexia information Day; again I met Nicola via Network with style, as one of the founding members, Rosie Beswick of Rosie Consulting Ltd, knew us both and thought we should meet. She was right and I am proud to say we have been friends ever since. Her support to the Dyslexia information Day and helping to raise dyslexia awareness locally is very much appreciated!

That leads me beautifully onto the fourth lady I woudl like to tell you about, the lovely Rosie Beswick, she is one of three founding members of Network With Style (NWS), as stated above her business is Rosie Consulting Ltd. Rosie is a wonderful advocate for women in business & entrepreneurs. Rosie was the first sponsor on board for the Dyslexia Awards and she sponsors the Entrepreneur Award. An inspirational lady who works with all sized businesses, from self employed one person to huge corporations. Rosie is an inspiration to me personally and so many other ladies in business, she is a gouvernor of a local college, involved with the local Chamber of commerce and so much more!

Looking back through this blog, I realise that there are several links between the women I have introduced you too, and that we are not just linked by being dyslexic. These ladies, like me are passionate about what they do, they care and they are active within their communities. They embrace each day and want to effect change for the better in the world. This has made me smile a big smile, to know such passion and determination is out there, leaves me hopeful that change will happen!  #BeBoldForChange

These ladies are just a handful of inspirational dyslexic women that I know; I can think of over 35 that I could / should have included here, so what i will do is post blogs about them throughout the year (providing they want to be included of course) and hope that they inspire you, to be all you can be,  to follow your dreams and to #BeBoldForChange

It is saddening that International Women’s Day is needed, but it is also a great sign that we can have International Women’s Day without having to chain ourselves to buildings, hold marches and face being arrested! #Suffragette reference there and by the way, Suffragette is an excellent film well worth watching if you haven’t already seen it please do! And whilst we are on the subject of films, have you seen Hidden Figures? This is another ‘must see’ and great film about women who did things that shaped history!

So lastly I urge you to please take a moment to visit the international Women’s Day website and find out more about how you/we (make and female) can #BeBoldForChange and help shape the future!

Blog Written by Elizabeth Wilkinson 8th March 2017  The Dyslexic Dyslexia Constant 

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By Elizabeth Wilkinson

Since entering the field of dyslexia back in 2000, The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant - Elizabeth Wilkinson MBE, has worked with and provided support for thousands of people, including businesses, families, and educators.