2017 Businesses for Children Award Sponsor

HeadStart & The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant.
Headstart winner of the Educational Business for Young people 2017

It was my total honour to sponsor and present the winners trophy for the 2017 Business for Children Awards  – Educational Business for Young People Award to HeadStart founder Rhian Hickey at the 2017 awards ceremony on Saturday 11th March 2017, at the Park Inn by Raddison, Telford.

Rhian said she was in total shock to have been crowned the winner and completely over the moon too! I can confirm that she is not exaggerating when she says she was in shock, she was shaking like a leaf whilst having her photo taken and her social media posts indicate that today (Monday) she has finally stopped crying and shaking from the joy and shock of winning – a totally wonderful response to being selected as the winner for this esteemed award!

When you put you heart soul and passion into creating a business that you want to empower people it is really important to knwo that all your hard work is working and having the effect you dreamed it would, and winning this award will go a long way to reassure Rhian that headstart is doing just that!

Please visit the headstart website and find them on facebook page and also get ready to nominate your favourite Businesses for Children for the 2018 awards!

Photo by Ed Bagnall Photography, Winner Rhian Hickey (left) with Sponsor Elizabeth Wilkinson (right)

By Elizabeth Wilkinson

Since entering the field of dyslexia back in 2000, The Dyslexic Dyslexia Consultant - Elizabeth Wilkinson MBE, has worked with and provided support for thousands of people, including businesses, families, and educators.