Positivity is Key to positive and lasting awareness!

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21st August 2018 Good Morning all, This last month has me thinking! My strategy, unlike others has been to follow a positive awareness path, I choose to avoid the doom & gloom – fire and brimstone approach! I don’t spend my time trying to scare you all into submission and action, by telling you all you need to be making ‘reasonable adjustments’ for your dyslexic employees, by ranting about the 2010 Equality Act and scaremongering using examples of negative situations and outcomes. Nope, that is just not the way I work: instead I use the positive, proactive, positive awareness and positive relay approach: raising positive awareness of dyslexia and SPLD (Specific Learning Difficulties) awareness, and championing folks. Instead of brimstone… Continue reading Positivity is Key to positive and lasting awareness!

Use local Dyslexics to inspire your students…

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Local inspiration! Educators please think before you use famous dyslexics to try and inspire your dyslexic students! We all love to hear about famous successful dyslexics, it makes most of us very proud and pleased for them and their successes; however, using them as inspiration and a way to empower your students may actually be having the opposite effect! Many years ago I used to work in a secondary school. One day I was working with a fab bunch of teens, who were sadly disengaging with education. I had actually been told that it was too late to work with them (yr10 & yr11) of course me being me, I made sure that these were the students that I started… Continue reading Use local Dyslexics to inspire your students…

Day 5 Dyslexia Awareness Week my inspirational Dyslexics Blog

Please allow me to introduce you to a wonderful local dyslexic who is to me a real inspiration, and an amazing role model for local young dyslexics. I have had the absolute honor of knowing this young lady since she was about 8 years old. She was the inspiration for the Dyslexia Awards Shining Star awards. Knowing that there are youngsters out there who work their socks off to help others, and who, despite having to literally battle through a treacherous educaiton, still have a smile on their face, joy in their heart,  the power to shine bright, empower others and still go on to achieve great things! Once you meet this young lady you understand instantly why she was… Continue reading Day 5 Dyslexia Awareness Week my inspirational Dyslexics Blog

Amazing Art Award is sponsored by an Amazing Artist!

2016 Dyslexia Awards - Table sponsor - Fusing Ideas Glass - Gift Bags

Amazing artist Jill Bagnall – Fusing Ideas Glass, sponsors 2017 Dyslexia Awards Amazing Art Award!

Meet our newest ‘Inspirational’ Exhibitor Katie Woodland

Dyslexia information Day 16 Guest Blog: Katie Woodland Company: Woodland Psychological Services Ltd What does your company do? Independent mental health service empowering and educating people through mental health difficulties. We have a track record of delivering highly effective, intensive interventions using a holistic and integrated approach to therapy. As well as developing a revolutionary eCourse which drastically reduces the ‘dyslexia barrier’ to learning in just 8 weeks.  Who will be at Dyslexia information Day 16?  Katie Woodland Are you dyslexic? No but I am Dyscalculic What type of exhibitor is Katie? Katie is  both an exhibitor and an inspirational Guest Exhibitor as she is Dyscalculic, Elizabeth (DiD Founder) and the DiD team feel that Katie is an inspiration to… Continue reading Meet our newest ‘Inspirational’ Exhibitor Katie Woodland