Meet our newest ‘Inspirational’ Exhibitor Katie Woodland

Dyslexia information Day 16 Guest Blog: Katie Woodland Company: Woodland Psychological Services Ltd What does your company do? Independent mental health service empowering and educating people through mental health difficulties. We have a track record of delivering highly effective, intensive interventions using a holistic and integrated approach to therapy. As well as developing a revolutionary eCourse which drastically reduces the ‘dyslexia barrier’ to learning in just 8 weeks.  Who will be at Dyslexia information Day 16?  Katie Woodland Are you dyslexic? No but I am Dyscalculic What type of exhibitor is Katie? Katie is  both an exhibitor and an inspirational Guest Exhibitor as she is Dyscalculic, Elizabeth (DiD Founder) and the DiD team feel that Katie is an inspiration to… Continue reading Meet our newest ‘Inspirational’ Exhibitor Katie Woodland