Calm… Peace… Tranquillity… we all need some!

Calm… Mindfulness…Good Mental Health…  Calm, peace, and tranquillity is something that we all need! We live in such a busy world, whether so much going on, especially at the moment where we are in back-to-back meetings was sat in our front rooms looking at a monitor, or via a lap top or even TV screens as monitors. With very little movement, lots of uncertainty, plus the usual trials and tribulations of adult hood, we can all be forgiven for having minds that every now and then, or from time to time, or even most of the time – are more than a little bit busy in our current helter-skelter world. One of the most useful apps I have come across… Continue reading Calm… Peace… Tranquillity… we all need some!

Positivity is Key to positive and lasting awareness!

Team Work!

21st August 2018 Good Morning all, This last month has me thinking! My strategy, unlike others has been to follow a positive awareness path, I choose to avoid the doom & gloom – fire and brimstone approach! I don’t spend my time trying to scare you all into submission and action, by telling you all you need to be making ‘reasonable adjustments’ for your dyslexic employees, by ranting about the 2010 Equality Act and scaremongering using examples of negative situations and outcomes. Nope, that is just not the way I work: instead I use the positive, proactive, positive awareness and positive relay approach: raising positive awareness of dyslexia and SPLD (Specific Learning Difficulties) awareness, and championing folks. Instead of brimstone… Continue reading Positivity is Key to positive and lasting awareness!

Amazing Art Award is sponsored by an Amazing Artist!

2016 Dyslexia Awards - Table sponsor - Fusing Ideas Glass - Gift Bags

Amazing artist Jill Bagnall – Fusing Ideas Glass, sponsors 2017 Dyslexia Awards Amazing Art Award!

Volunteer Interview blog post for Dyslexia information Day fifteen

Volunteer interview blog post: introducing to you a lovely but camera shy volunteer! Name: Lisa Lamb   Your role at Dyslexia information Day: Meet and Great or anything else you would like help with. Are you dyslexic? No, but I’m special! Language processing issues. (Eli says: language processing issues can appear and manifest as quite similar to dyslexia, but without phonological difficulties, so Lisa has a really great empathy and understanding with the students she works with, and dyslexia information day visitors.) In what capacity do you attend Dyslexia information Day 15: Volunteer   Why Get involved with or exhibit at Dyslexia information Day: It’s informative and I want to support DID to highlight to others what support and encouragement… Continue reading Volunteer Interview blog post for Dyslexia information Day fifteen

Dyslexia: Positively Unique!

Lindy Smith Positivly Unique!

Dyslexia Awareness Week 2015: Day 4 Thursday 8th October 2015. Allow me to introduce to you to the third of my seven, 2015 fabulous dyslexics! Each dyslexia awareness week (starting last year) I intend to feature 7 of my favourite inspirational dyslexics from the past year: I ask them a set of questions (slightly adjusted depending on age and occupation) to which they provide the answers. My aim? Well it simply to inspire and raise awareness about us dyslexics and about dyslexia! My fourth local inspirational dyslexic is full of talent, passion and determination! and in all honesty since meeting her just over a year ago (and I’m quite sure she doesn’t realise this) that she is truly inspires me,… Continue reading Dyslexia: Positively Unique!