Loogabarooga Festival 2017

I am delighted to have been asked to visit Loughborough in Leicestershire in October to deliver a talk on dyslexia at the Loogabarooga Festival in Loughborough. The talk will be taking Place in Loughborough Library on Saturday 21st October 2017, 1:30pm – 3:30pm. If you fancy finding out about dyslexia basics and having an overview of Meares Irlen Syndrome then this talk is for you, there will be time for Q&A too! To buy your Dyslexia Talk tickets (Click here) It was the lovely and super talented author Mandy E Ward, who writes the The Adventures of Cassy Kindly & her Friends series, who suggested me as a speaker to the Loogabarooga Festival organisers. Mandy will  be at Loogabarooga Festival… Continue reading Loogabarooga Festival 2017

Day 5 Dyslexia Awareness Week my inspirational Dyslexics Blog

Please allow me to introduce you to a wonderful local dyslexic who is to me a real inspiration, and an amazing role model for local young dyslexics. I have had the absolute honor of knowing this young lady since she was about 8 years old. She was the inspiration for the Dyslexia Awards Shining Star awards. Knowing that there are youngsters out there who work their socks off to help others, and who, despite having to literally battle through a treacherous educaiton, still have a smile on their face, joy in their heart,  the power to shine bright, empower others and still go on to achieve great things! Once you meet this young lady you understand instantly why she was… Continue reading Day 5 Dyslexia Awareness Week my inspirational Dyslexics Blog

Day 4 Dyslexia Awareness Week Inspirational Dyslexics

Dekko Comics

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to my day 4 inspirational Dyslexic; the youngest for this year, the fabulously talented and wonderful Rossie Stone. A young man who inspires me to want to achieve more, I hope he inspires you too. Rossie and I had a ½ hour telephone chat were Rossie answered the questions and I typed the answers. We think we did really well not getting too side tracked by conversations of how we want to change the world and make it a better place!  Name: Rossie Stone  Age (optional): 26  Job Title or/and Business name: Director and founder of Dekko Comics Ltd A brief description of your job role/business: Technically I do a bit of… Continue reading Day 4 Dyslexia Awareness Week Inspirational Dyslexics

Day 3 Dyslexia Awareness Week Inspirational Dyslexics 2017

Paul Shuttleworth

Name: Paul Shuttleworth Age (optional): 44 Job Title or/and Business name:  Company Director , Radio Presenter, Sports Coach (Ice Hockey) Sports Referee Coach (Ice Hockey). A brief description of your job role/business: I run a DJ and Promotions Company providing DJ’s / Presenters to events around Shropshire and the Midlands. I have a retail premise in Wellington selling E-Cigs and Belgium Chocolates in a divided shop. I present a weekend show for BBC Shropshire and Provide cover for people who are off Presenters and Staff from the Production office. I coach Beginners Ice Hockey sessions Mondays in Uxtoxitor, Wednesday in Cannock and Tuesday I coach a under 13’s team in Telford. Saturdays when free and Sunday Evening I coach Referees… Continue reading Day 3 Dyslexia Awareness Week Inspirational Dyslexics 2017

2017 Dyslexia Awareness Week – Becci Dickens

Becci Lisa & Eli at DiD16

Day one of 2017 Dyslexia Awareness week 2nd – 8th October 2017 Introducing my first local inspirational dyslexic… Name: Becci Dickens (on the left in the photo!) Age (optional): 39 Job Title or Business name:  Admin Support Officer Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service A brief description of your job role: Supplying administration support to the Area Managers and other departments Location: Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK When did you find out you were dyslexic & how old were you? I attended an event for college and did a checklist and handed it into my E&D workplace, I was 37 How did you feel when you found out you were dyslexic? Relieved I was no longer ‘just thick’ What difference has finding out,… Continue reading 2017 Dyslexia Awareness Week – Becci Dickens

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Amazing Art Award is sponsored by an Amazing Artist!

2016 Dyslexia Awards - Table sponsor - Fusing Ideas Glass - Gift Bags

Amazing artist Jill Bagnall – Fusing Ideas Glass, sponsors 2017 Dyslexia Awards Amazing Art Award!

Shropshire is celebrating Dyslexia for the second year running!

Most of the 2016 Dyslexia Awards finalists at the Dyslexia Awards!

Dyslexia Awards open in Shropshire! The 2017 Dyslexia Awards are now open for nominations and are set to be yet another fantastic event, celebrating and championing Shropshire dyslexics, young and old as well as those who work and educate them too! Dyslexia Awards founder Elizabeth Wilkinson, says that she is exceptionally grateful to the wonderful sponsors who make it all possible, and that five of the 2016 sponsors had pledge their support for this year before the 2016 event was even over! Federation of Small Businesses-Shropshire, Sponsoring the Innovation Award;  In The Loop – Sally Joyner, sponsoring the Learning Support Award; Global Freight Services Ltd – Sponsoring the Shining Star Teenager (aged 13 – 19) award;  Claire McKeown – True… Continue reading Shropshire is celebrating Dyslexia for the second year running!